Eximity Gaming Community Join us today for some good and funny times. we love to play games and invite new members And if you are an content creator then this is also the best place for you Join discord Learn more Content creator? Streamer? Youtuber? Join our partner program today and get promoted by us! We are always welcome for new members and learn more by joining our discord server today Join today learn more Join our minecraft server today Did you know that we in Eximity actulay run a minecraft server
Join today and skill up in McMMO and mine for diamonds all day long
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Join us to join a well-developed community with active members. We have a lot of custom plugins and the player experience is something that you won’t find anywhere else.
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Eximity Gaming Community

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We support streamers

Did you know that we support all streamers that join our community


Do you create content on YouTube? Well if you do then we can help you. We can promote and help you grow and at the same time have fun.

Active community discord

We have an active discord server where members can talk and chat. There is also always active staff to help if it is needed.

Game servers

We have one Minecraft server and we plan to add more. If you want to know more about our Minecraft server then check out our dedicated webpage for the Minecraft side of the webpage.
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Eximity is a part of the FaunNetworks. FaunNetworks is a proxy network of Minecraft servers working together. This makes it so all Faun servers are linked up with each other to build a large Minecraft network of servers.

TGA Network

We in Eximity is a part of the TGA Network. TGA is an larger gaming based community than us and they have multiple game servers for multiple games. It is TGA that provide us with all web development.
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